Friday, April 24, 2020

Brentwood Neighborhood Plan Contact Team

Welcome to the website for the Brentwood Neighborhood Plan Contact Team.
For information about the Brentwood Neighborhood Association, please visit their website at .

The Brentwood Neighborhhod Plan was adopted on August 15, 2006 by the Brentwood NPCT; Revised 4-30-2008.

The Brentwood Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (BNPCT) is a group of neighborhood stakeholders charged with being stewards of the plan and upholding the implementation of the plan’s vision, goals and recommendations. Another responsibility of the Contact Team is to discuss and provide a recommendation to City Staff, Planning Commission and City Council on any proposed neighborhood plan amendments that are either text or map changes. The Contact Team may also submit an application to the Director of Neighborhood Planning & Zoning Department to amend a neighborhood plan.

The City of Austin provides resources and information about Planning and Zoning at their website at: . Here are direct links to resources particular to the Brentwood Neighborhood Plan: